Integrity is the foundation of our business and we strive to provide the best experience possible. We will work diligently to give your investment the most attention. Being able to generate wealth through appreciation, building equity, and hedging against inflation. It can also provide cash flow with passive income from rental properties. Working with Northern Living Properties, you will have someone on your side who knows how to navigate the complex challenges that come with purchasing and operating an investment property while providing you with our expert and honest advice.  


Whether it is your first home or your fifth, the home buying process can be daunting. Not only does the housing market change from season to season, but the process of searching for a house, making an offer, and working toward closing evolves over time.

We make buying a home or investment property achievable and seamless. 

Having an experienced professional on your side, who knows the market, will save you time and money. 

Unlike a real estate agent, we are a “buyer’s agent” and represent you exclusively. We utilize our knowledge of the market and evaluating home values to see the potential of what the home can be.


We believe that design is a craft of art and enjoys having different and new challenges. Whether you want a fresh and sophisticated update, need to brighten up your space, or want to invest in real estate, our decorating ideas will help expertly blend the beauty of nature all around. At the heart of every design is the desire to increase the functional use and value of a space.